Using Desktop Apps

Download and install Dropbox on both your computer and iPhone. And sign into with the same account.

How to use Amazon Cloud Player

Upload all of the music you want to add to your iPhone into the Dropbox folder. Dropbox supports music in. Go to the Dropbox app on your iPhone and listen to the songs. You can mark songs as Favorites to make them always available when your iPhone is off from the internet connection.

Why don't use iTunes to transfer music to iPhone

Although the other three solutions are available and free, they all have space or speed limits. Check this post and learn two simple ways to transfer p….

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Disk Copy Pro. Music apps that operate in the cloud are going to extract data from an online account over the air to deliver the files in real-time to your iOS device. This means you should be cautious of streaming to abide data limits. Using this on a WiFi network would be a good idea as opposed to using the 3G network. Since an account is needed to operate cloud apps, we will briefly look at how to get things started on the web before using the actual apps on your devices.

Upload music to your Amazon account to access it anywhere by following this guide here.

6 Ways to Transfer Music to Your iPhone or iPad Without Using iTunes

While the aforementioned article is for using your Amazon music on a computer, the same can be applied for use on an iOS device by installing the official Amazon Cloud Player app. The Amazon Music Importer is required to add music to your account. Begin by specifying a device name upon launch. Either start an automatic scan for music or manually choose the folders that contain music files. Now open the Amazon Cloud Player app and view all the music found in the cloud as well as the music on the device, for an easy player combining both sources.

The player is very similar to the native Music app in that you can view whole albums and toggle shuffle, repeat, etc. Download music from your Amazon account to play offline, yet still inside the app itself.

Download Music to iPhone,iPad,iPod Music Library - Latest Way!

Note that the downloads you incur are not transferred to the default Music app. You can then play the music files from here even when offline. Download Amazon Cloud Player.

Alternative Library Managers

Google has yet to build a specific app for iOS devices. There is a free app that connects to a Google account , however, that can then play the music you have stored in Google Music. This first requires music be uploaded to the account, which then allows access via the app.

See the wiki for more information. Support for using a Wii Remote as a remote control has been added. Other features include a Queue Manager, an Organise Files dialog, automatically stretching columns in the playlist, loading embedded id3v2 cover art, more library scanning options, drag and drop between playlists, and a hypnotoad. We've also reduced startup time by more than half, fixed a load of memory leaks and reduced CPU usage while playing music. This release features tabbed playlists, playlist search, projectM visualisations, Magnatune integration, ReplayGain volume normalisation and music transcoding.

We've fixed loads of bugs too - searching large libraries is now much faster, playback is much more reliable on Windows, character encoding problems are fixed, and remote playlists should load correctly all the time. In this release we've switched to GStreamer on all platforms, meaning the analyzer and crossfading between tracks will now work on Windows. It's been just over a month since we released the first version of Clementine.

This new version features album cover-art, better "Various Artists" detection, support for loading playlists, and much more. Website by Carlos Jenkins. About Downloads Screenshots Participate.

CUE sheet support. Play audio CDs. Visualisations from projectM. Lyrics and artist biographies and photos. Fetch missing tags from MusicBrainz.