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To export NetFlow cache entries to a workstation when a flow expires, use the following command in global configuration mode:.

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To configure an aggregation cache, you must enter aggregation cache configuration mode, and you must decide which type of aggregation scheme you would like to configure: Once you define the aggregation scheme, define the operational parameters for that scheme. Enters aggregation cache configuration mode and enables an aggregation cache scheme as, destination-prefix, prefix, protocol-port, or source-prefix.

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Specifies the number in this example, of cache entries to allocate for the autonomous system aggregation cache. Router config-flow-cache cache timeout inactive Specifies the number of seconds in this example, that an inactive entry is allowed to remain in the aggregation cache before it is deleted. Router config-flow-cache cache timeout active Specifies the number of minutes in this example, 45 that an active entry is active. Router config-flow-cache export destination To verify the aggregation cache information, use the following command in EXEC mode:.

To confirm data export, use the following command in EXEC mode:.

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Displays the statistics for the data export including the main cache and all other enabled caches. As long as policy routing is configured, NetFlow policy routing is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. That is, NPR is the default policy routing mode. As soon as one of these features is turned on, packets are automatically subject to policy routing in the appropriate switching path. There is one new, optional configuration command set ip next-hop verify-availability.

This command has the following restrictions:. It is assumed that policy routing itself is already configured.

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If the router is policy routing packets to the next hop and the next hop happens to be down, the router will try unsuccessfully to use Address Resolution Protocol ARP for the next hop which is down. This behavior will continue forever. To prevent this situation, you can configure the router to first verify that the next hop s of the route map is the router's CDP neighbor s before routing to that next hop.

This task is optional because some media or encapsulations do not support CDP, or it may not be a Cisco device that is sending the router traffic. To configure the router to verify that the next hop is a CDP neighbor before the router tries to policy route to it, use the following command in route-map configuration mode:. Causes the router to confirm that the next hop s of the route map is a CDP neighbor s of the router. If the command shown is set and the next hop is not a CDP neighbor, the router looks to the subsequent next hop, if there is one.

If there is none, the packets simply are not policy routed. If the command shown is not set, the packets are either successfully policy routed or remain forever unrouted. If you want to selectively verify availability of only some next hops, you can configure different route-map entries under the same route-map name with different criteria using access list matching or packet size matching , and use the set ip next-hop verify-availability command selectively.

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Typically, you would use existing policy routing and NetFlow show commands to monitor these features. For more information on these show commands, refer to the policy routing and NetFlow documentation. Config netflow hoac ip accounting to the router interface thi se biet lien. With netflow you can tell the layer 4 source or destination port number in Hex, ban phai doi lai Dec hoac la manually hoac la dung Window Calculator. Netflow thi that tien loi de tim ra application vi du http port 80, telnet port 23, ftp port 20 Sau khi tim duoc dia chi ip roi thi phan con lai rat la don gian arp de tim mac addr roi sau do tu mac addr de tim ra switchport.

Vi du neu ban thay co multiple processes tu 1 source ip addr va moi lan chi chuyen co 1 packet dent nhieu dia chi cua nguoi nhan thi co the do la vi bi virus. Newer Post Older Post Home. So that some blogs also contain useful configuration examples, posts and articles, at least for me, from different network components. I created this blog to share my knowledge with other people and hopefully someone will share his knowledge with me Most of the blogs contain experiences of myself during my work.

Who am I Mt ch khc na l khi thc thi lnh commit th mt khu ca user root phi c thit lp trc , nu khng vic commit s tht bi. Vic khng thc thi ngay cc lnh trn Junos gip h tr ti a cho vic cu hnh t xa. Ngoi lnhcommitcn c cc lnh commit km theo khc nhcommit at Junos cho php chng ta tra cu cc chc nng ca cc lnh thng qua lnhhelptng t nh vic c manual page ca cc lnh trong Linux bng lnhman.

Mt s t kha chnh trong vic cu hnhJunos chia ra nhiu cp bt khc nhau, cc cp ny tng t nh cy th mc trong h iu hnh Linux. Ta ang mt cp cu hnh no rt cao, mun di chuyn ra configuration mode ta dng lnh top. Lnh set v edit thng i i vi nhau trong vic cu hnh. Chc nng logical systemThng thng thc hin cc bi lab cn nhiu router ta phi thc hin khi ng nhiu router vt l mi c th thc hin c bi lab.

Nhng trong Junos, vic ny l khng cn thit nu s lng router khng qu ln. Junos cung cp mt chc nng kh c bit gi l logical system, n cho php chng ta to nhiu router logic trn mt router vt l. Vic cu hnh cc router logic ny tng t nh vic cu hnh cc router vt l. V dset logical-systems LS4.

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Lab S dng telnet v ssh cho router juniperYu cu: Cu hnh router juniper sao cho ngi qun tr c th truy cp v cu hnh router t xa thng qua telnet v sshMc tiu: Nm c cc bc cu hnh telnet v ssh trn router juniper v chnh sch bo mt ca juniper. Cc bc thc hin: Ngoi cch trc tip cu hnh router thng qua cng console th chng ta cn c th qun tr v cu hnh router thng qua mng bng telnet v ssh.


Nu dng telnet qun tr v cu hnh router th d liu gi v nhn khng c m ha - dng plaintext c th b bt v c c d liu trn ng truyn. Ngc li, nu dng ssh th d liu s c m ha lc truyn i. Cc bc thc hin bi lab nh sau. Cu hnh passwordDng lnhset system root-authentication plain-text-password cu hnh password cho router.

Cu hnh hostnameDng lnhset system host-name hoasen cu hnh hostname cho router vi hoasen l hostname ca router. Cu hnh IPt a ch IP cho card mng tng ng vi m hnh bi lab bng cu lnhset interfaces em0 unit 0 family inet address Active cc lnh thc hin bng lnhcommit. Lu t PC ping router c th thc hin khng c do firewall trn PC. Cu hnh login banner banner hin th khi ngi dng ng nhp vo h thng ta dng cu lnh sau cu hnhset system login message "Truong Dai Hoc Hoa Sen" - Bc 6: Cu hnh telnetBt dch v telnet trn router bng lnhset system services telnetMc nh junos khng gii hn s lng telent vo h thng. Cu hnh sshBt dch v ssh trn router bng lnhset system services sshNu chng ta mun user root khng c login vo h thng thng qua ssh ta dng lnhset system services ssh root-login deny - Bc 8: To userTo cc user cho php login vo h thng bng lnhset system login user hs1 class super-user authentication plain-text-passwordActive cc lnh thc hin bng lnhcommit.

V l do bo mt nn junos khng cho php user root login thng qua telnetLogin user root v user hs1 thng qua ssh. Do ta hn ch user root truy cp thng qua ssh nn user root s khng truy cp c router thng qua ssh.